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Call for papers: "Caring is Sharing - Exploiting Value in Data for Health and Innovation" 

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The theme of this conference is closely connected to the rapid development of health data sharing taking place both in Europe and globally. We want to focus on the opportunities of health informatics and the research within the EFMI community to enable trustworthy sharing of health data to improve human health. This includes healthcare, community care, self-care and public health, as well as innovation and development of future proof digital health solutions. The theme for MIE2018 was: “eHealth beyond the horizon- get IT there”. Many European activities to support the digitalization of healthcare have emerged since then, including a much stronger focus on patients’ involvement in the care process. 


Now, in 2022, we can see that modern information and communication technologies can make it easier for individuals to be involved in their health and social care, facilitate contact between individuals and service providers, and provide more efficient tools for healthcare staff. Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to be a partner for the future, bringing more effectiveness in some situations and providing decision support. 


The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the speed of implementation and adoption of eHealth throughout Europe and globally but has also highlighted how weaknesses in infrastructure and regulations for data sharing can hinder effective public health interventions and innovation. The European Union highlights this in the current proposal for a European Health Data Space, a proposal that will certainly be one of the talking points at MIE2023. The EHDS will require all EU member states to step up their digitalization of healthcare, both for primary and secondary use of health data. The EFMI community will play a key role in this work, providing both expertise and cutting-edge research that will be required to implement the vision of the EHDS proposal. 

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Conference proceedings will be published with open access in the IOS Press series Studies in Health Technology and Informatics.

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