EFMI Bursaries

EFMI Bursaries

To promote high attendance and also in order to ensure equal chance to participate at EFMI conferences regardless to economic and social situation, EFMI decided to offer bursaries for participants with accepted full papers at MIE 2023.

The bursaries' aim is to encourage young and/or financially challenged colleagues to participate in EFMI's conferences.

Bursaries will cover conference fee (at student rate). Travel, accommodation and subsistence will not be covered by the bursaries.

All individuals belonging to one of EFMIs national associations, wishing to take part in an EFMIs conference, is entitled to apply for a bursary. 

Applications will be evaluated and judged by the Bursary Committee. The following conditions should be met in order to get supported:


• The financial barrier is the only reason holding the applicant from registering.

• The applicant has sufficient resources to cover travel expenses and lodging.

• The applicant is an MI professional, MI user, or a student (undergraduate or a student for a Master of Science) studying in a relevant academic institution.

• The conference corresponds with the applicant's major activities (or studies).

• It is preferred that the applicant's employer/institute/university supports their participation in the conference (with or without financial support).

Applicants should fill the application form (please contact MIE SPC spc@mie2023.org for access to the form), and provide all relevant documents that helps Bursary Committee to make fair judgement on applications.

Applications should be sent to the Committee chair: Brigitte Seroussi

Deadline for application: 2023-03-31

Notification: 2023-04-10

On behalf of the EFMI Bursary Committee