MAY 22- Between 10:00 to 14:00

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Registration for tutorials  (150 SEK for Students, 300 SEK for visitors to  MIE and Vitalis, 500 SEK for all others, prices is ex  VAT ). Lunch is included in all Tutorials and the international opening of MIE and VITALIS at 15:00  May 22.  Vitalis 2023 (invitepeople.com)  Welcome.to a day of learning

AUCMEDI: a framework for Automated Classification of Medical Images

Room R15 (30 ) 

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AUCMEDI (frankkramer-lab.github.io) 


Room 17 ( 50 ) 

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Transitioning from Data to Patient Benefit: A Use-Case Tutorial on Challenges and Opportunities for Heart-Failure CDSS

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Vitalis and Medical Informatics Europe - Högskolan i Halmstad (hh.se)

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This Tutorial will be filmed

     Room G1,  (70 )

Cross Organizational Health Data Sharing Using the Data Sharing Framework

MIE 2023 (dsf.dev) 

Room  R11 (30) 

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