Become a friend of MIE 2023

If you like Informatics – and would like to support initiatives to make the world more interoperable, then become an Informatic friend of MIE 2023.

This year we will focus more on Clinical Nurses and Informatics by arranging a Nursing Informatic day. Also, inviting students (all categories) not presenting papers to participate and increase their networks, a special registration fee for the first 100 are available.

Back to why you should become an Informatic friend: We have three levels of friendship:

More than a partner in Informatics: more than 10 000 Euro (no upper limit). You will be visible in the program, obtain the right to make promotions during the event if interested possibly present a keynote or a webinar (webinar before MIE2023) could be considered..

A real friend in Informatics; Between 5 000 to 9 999 euro. Sponsoring specific workshops or masterclasses, have the opportunity to nominate keynotes. Visible in the program and on the Webb (We will be open to discussing webinar ideas). Receive a number of promotional codes to engage clinical staff. to visit MIE 2023.

A Valuable Informatic friend: 500 - 4999 Euro. Visible in the program, one year of EFMI Institution membership is included. Thereby achieving a discount on the registration fee.