My Poster trip  

Board no later than May 7- to be arriving at Poster Session- 

Your poster can be printed onsite and hung up - the poster will also be displayed in an electronic format on - make life more easy and use this service for only 1000 sek ex VAT

Poster Format: A0; 841 x 1 189 mm, we prefer Vertikal format  (Standing up) , send in as a PDF file with that size A0 for print out. Find out more how to make a perfect poster here: Instructions for a perfect poster  

The template will you find here: PPT Template

Below you will find the button to were to upload your poster. Name the file with your name and  preferably your Poster ID# 

There is also an option to upload the poster to be displayed on our website- upload it as a png file if possible. (You still have to print your poster to have on the poster exhibition) 

No extra charges for display on the web

Please use PDF Size A0 format for your delivery no later than May  7 ; pay the fee and upload your file to Dropbox. Not mandatory - but if possible, use the MIE2023 logo on the left corner of your poster or use the template. ( For display only use png format ) 

 Posters uploaded for printing but not paid for will not be printed. 

Here will you find the logo for :  MIE 2023- in different file formats 


Pantone EPS